Creating Non-Project Work


Resource managers and supervisors can create non-project work in Team Manager.

After creating non-project work the manager or supervisor must assign the work to users. Once the non-project work is assigned, those users can add the work to their timesheets and charge time against is. (Assigning non-project work does not result in the work automatically appearing in a user's timesheet.)

To create non-Project work:

  1. Open the Team Manager application.
  2. Click Non-Project Work on the Tab toolbar and click Create Non-Project Work.
    The Create Non-Project Work Item window opens.
  3. Type a name for the non-project work in the Name box.
  4. If applicable, add a value to the Cap Auth ID box.
  5. Click Browse Member Directory to select users you want to assign to the new non-project work.
    Assigning a user to non-project work makes the work available for them to add to their timesheet. The work is not automatically added to any user's timesheet.
  6. Click Save & Close to save the work and close the window, Save & Add Another to save the work and add more, or Cancel to close the window without creating the non-project work .


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